Daily Program

T01-13 PSA Practice and Experience Ⅱ

Development of Low Power Shutdown Level 1 PSA Model for Westinghouse Type Reactors in Korea : Overview, Results and Insights

Yong Suk LEE (Future & Challenge Technology Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic of) Eden KIM, Gunhyo JUNG, Seokwon HWANG, Hojun JEON

Evaluation of Maintenance Effects on the Shutdown Risk of Westinghouse PWRs in Korea

Eden KIM (Future & Challenge Technology Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic of) Yong Suk LEE, Gunhyo JUNG, Seokwon HWANG, Hojun JEON

Insights from PSA for the Operating Nuclear Power Plants in Korea

Hojun JEON (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., Central Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Seokwon HWANG, Jang Hwan NA

OECD WGRISK – Ongoing Tasks and Potential Future Activities

Marina ROEWEKAMP (Gesellschaft Fur Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH, Germany) Kevin COYNE, Jeanne-Marie LANORE, Vinh DANG, Yolande AKL
T01-14 Non Reactor Nuclear System

Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Interim Dry Storage Facility Subjected to an Aircraft Impact

Belal ALMOMANI (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Sanghoon LEE, Hyun Gook KANG

Spent Fuel Pool PRA for Measuring Risk Change by Action on Response to the Fukushima Accident

Hyowon KIM (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Korea, Republic of)

The Best Estimate Evaluation of Success Criteria for Spent Fuel Pool PRA in Case of Loss of Cooling

Jaegab KIM (KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc., Korea, Republic of) Taehee HWANG, Paul McMINN

A Study on PRA for Spent Fuel Pool of Hanul Unit 3

Kilyoo KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Kwang-Il AHN
T01-15 PSA Practice and Experience Ⅲ

Internal Flooding Level 1 PSA in Belgium

Filip VAN OPSTAL (Tractebel ENGIE, Belgium) Etienne CLAUS, B. GOLOVCHUK

Risk Assessment Strategy for Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Akira YAMAGUCHI (The University of Tokyo, Japan) Kazuki HIDA, Yasunori YAMANAKA, Yoshiyuki NARUMIYA
The Insight of APR+ PRA ResultWooJoo KIM (KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc., Korea, Republic of) Jaehoon YANG, Kisu KIM, Ho SEOK
T05-10 PSA Applications - Modelling/Simulation

Generation of Safe Optimised Execution Strategies for UML Models

Zaza HERBERT-HANSEN (The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark) Luke HERBERT

An Overview of Reduced Order Modeling Techniques for Safety Applications

Diego MANDELLI (Idaho National Laboratory, United States) Andrea ALFONSI, Curtis SMITH, Cristian RABITI, Joshua COGLIATI, P. TALBOT, C. WANG, D. MALJOVEC

Artificial Neural Network Uncertainty Quantification for the Sensitivity Analysis of the SIXEP Model

Uchenna OPARAJI (The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom) Edoardo PATELLI, R.J SHEU, M BANKHEAD

Safety Performance Indicators System (SPIS) A Methodlogical Framework for Safety Indicators Conception

Chabane MAZRI (Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques, France)

The Improvement of SIL Calculation Methodology

Jinhyung PARK (Yokogawa Electric Korea Co.,Ltd, Korea, Republic of)