Daily Program

T01-04 Digital I&C Reliability and Cyber Security

SICA – a Software Complexity Analysis Method for the Failure Probability Estimation

Tero TYRVAINEN (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Finland) Ola BACKSTROM, Jan-erik HOLMBERG, Markus PORTHIN

Risk-informed Cyber Security Evaluation of Nuclear Facilities

Jinsoo SHIN (Kyung Hee University, Korea, Republic of) Gyunyoung HEO, Hanseong SON

MODIG – MODelling the Reliability of DIGital I&C in Modern Nuclear Power Plants

Ola BACKSTROM (Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden) Jan-erik HOLMBERG, Tero TYRVAINEN, Markus PORTHIN

Risk Assessment of Cyber-attacks on Nuclear Power Plants

Seung Jun LEE (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Jong-Woo PARK
T08-01 Structural Reliability I

Probabilistic Assessment of Nuclear Piping Integrity by Using Recent Environmental Fatigue Equations

Md Nasimul GONI (Kyung Hee University, Korea, Republic of) Seung Hyun KIM, Yoon-Suk CHANG

Floor Response Spectrum of a Base-isolated Nuclear Power Plant Considering Second Hardening of the Isolator System

Jae-Wook JUNG (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Sangmin LEE, Jung-Wuk HONG

Seismic Fragility of APR1400 Main Steam Piping System

Bub Gyu JEON (Pusan National University, Korea, Republic of) Ehsan SALIMI FIROOZABAD, Daegi HAHM, Nam Sik KIM

Study on Floor Response Spectra by Parameter Uncertainty for Base Isolated Nuclear Power Plant Structures

Heekun JU (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Young-Sun CHOUN, Min Kyu KIM
T07-04 Human Reliability IV (HuREX Framework)
A Framework of HRA Data Collection in Nuclear Power PlantsWondea JUNG (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Jinkyun PARK, Yochan KIM, Seungwhan KIM, Sun Yeong CHOI, Joon-Eon YANG

A Process for Identifying Unsafe Act for HEP Quantification with Simulated Off-normal Training Records

Sun Yeong CHOI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Jinkyun PARK, Yochan KIM, Seunghwan KIM, Wondea JUNG

Integrated HRA Analyzing Framework Using a Generic Task Database

Seunghwan KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Yochan KIM, Sun Yeong CHOI, Jinkyun PARK, Wondea JUNG

Estimating HEPs and PSF Effects Using Full-scope Simulator Data: A Preliminary Study

Yochan KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Jinkyun PARK, Wondea JUNG, Sun Yeong CHOI, Seunghwan KIM

Estimating HEPs from the Operational Experience of Domestic Nuclear Power Plants – a Framework and Case Studies

Jinkyun PARK (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Yochan KIM, Inseok JANG, Wondea JUNG
T05-04 PSA Applications - External Event Ⅱ

Study on Quantification Methodology of Accident Sequences for Tsunami Induced by Seismic Events

Keisuke USUI (Tokyo City University, Japan) Hitoshi MUTA, Ken MURAMATSU

Event Sequence Assessment of Tornado and Strong Wind in Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor Based on Continuous Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method with Plant Dynamics Analysis

Takashi TAKATA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan) Emiko AZUMA

Data Collection in Fire PSA

Fabienne NICOLEAU (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France) Jerome RICHARD, Gabriel GEORGESCU

A Review of the Progress with Statistical Models of Passive Component Reliability

Bengt LYDELL (SIGMA-PHASE INC., United States)
T03-04 SA-PRA3

Development and Application of Source Term Analysis Framework on OPR-1000 NPP for Radiological Emergency Preparedness

Tae Woon KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Seok-Jung HAN, Kwang-Il AHN, Yong Hun JUNG, Douglas FYNAN

State-of-the-art Reactor Consequence Analyses Project: Uncertainty Analysis of a Potential Unmitigated Short-term Station Blackout at the Surry Nuclear Power Station

Nathan BIXLER (Sandia National Laboratories, United States) Kyle ROSS, Cedric SALLABERRY, Joe JONES, S. Tina GHOSH

Flushing Water Contamination in Different Concrete Models for PSA Level 3 Severe Accident Scenario

Oyeon KUM (University of Southwest America, United States) Deokjung LEE

Finnish Experiments on Level 3 PRA

Tero TYRVAINEN (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Finland) Ilkka KARANTA, Jukka ROSSI

Review of International Source Term Release Histories for the Establishment of Radiological Emergency Preparedness Framework of Nuclear Power Plant

Tae Woon KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Seok-Jung HAN, Kwang-Il AHN, Yong Hun JUNG
T02-04 Tsunami PRA

Concept of Defence-in-depth against External Events in Japan

Masakatsu INAGAKI (Japan Nuclear Safety Institute, Japan) Masanori OHTANI

Development of Evaluation Method for Probabilistic Seismic and Tsunami Hazards Considering Events Superimposition

Masato NAKAJIMA (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan) Yasuki OHTORI
Compare of the Empirical and Numerical Tsunami Hazard Assessment Results for the East Coast of KoreaMin Kyu KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) In-kil CHOI

Internal Flooding PRA for Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plants

Naoki TAKAHASHI (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan) Shinichi KAWAMURA, Toshinobu KITA, Edward BURNS, Robert WOLFGANG, Robert KIRCHNER, Hiroshi ABE, Hiroaki SONOYAMA

Application of Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment to a Seismically-induced Internal Flood Event

Jieun HUR (The Ohio State University, United States) Richard DENNING, Zachary JANKOVSKY, Tunc ALDEMIR, Halil SEZEN
Conference Lunch
Cultural Lecture Severe Accident as Design Basis Accident (DBA)Chang Kue PARK (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of)
George Apostolakis Fellowship Award CeremonyAwardee: Askin GULER (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States)
T01-05 Advanced Method in PSA Ⅳ

Holistic Approach to Multi-unit Site Risk Assessment: Status and Issues

Inn Seock KIM (Nuclear Engineering Service & Solution Company, Korea, Republic of) Misuk JANG, Seoung Rae KIM

A Pilot Study on Developing a Site Risk Model

Attila BEREITH (NUBIKI Nuclear Safety Research Institute, Hungary) David HOLLO, Zoltan KARSA, Peter SIKLOSSY, Tamas SIKLOSSY

Linking of Event Trees via Analysis Results

Johan SORMAN (Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden) Ola BACKSTROM, Rory GAMBLE, Pavel KRCAL, Wei WANG

MCS BDD – Description and Verification of the Method Implemented in RiskSpectrum

Ola BACKSTROM (Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden) Pavel KRCAL, Wei WANG

Exhausted Test Case for Software Reliability of Nuclear Digital Systems

Jaehyun CHO (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Sung Min SHIN, Seung Jun LEE, Wondea JUNG
T08-02 Structural Reliability II

Aleatory Uncertainty Appeared in Strong Nonlinear Behavior such as Slope Collapse

Ikumasa YOSHIDA (Tokyo City University, Japan)

Enhanced Monte Carlo Simulation-based Spatial Reliability Analysis of RC Plate Subject to Chloride-induced Corrosion

Sang-ri YI (Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of) Junho SONG, Gunjin YUN, Li ZHAO
Probabilistic Assessment of the Ultimate Pressure Capacity of the Prestressed Concrete Containment BuildingsHyung Kui PARK (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Daegi HAHM, Min Kyu KIM
Preliminary Assessment of the Floor Response Spectra of Nuclear Structure against to Aircraft Impact LoadingSang Shup SHIN (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Daegi HAHM, Min Kyu KIM

The Case Study on Breakout Shear Failure in Concrete related to Anchor Edge Distance in Safety-Related Equipment Seismic Fragility Analysis

Hyoungkeun YOO (KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc., Korea, Republic of) Sangho JEON, Jeongguk SONG
T07-05 Human Reliability V (HRA Application 2)

Improved Guidance for the Application of Recovery Factors for Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) Method Caused Based Decision Tree (CBDT)

Mary PRESLEY (Electric Power Research Institute, United States) Jan GROBBELAAR, Kaydee Kohlhep GUNTER

Evaluation of Existing Applications and Guidance on Methods for HRA – EXAM-HRA

Gunnar JOHANSON (AF Industry, Sweden) Kent BLADH, Anders KARLSSON, Julia LJUNGBJORK, Gunter BECKER, Markus PORTHIN, Anders OLSSON, Joerg BOEHM, Lasse TUNTURIVUORI, Sandra JONSSON, Tobias ISELAND, Karl-Henrik KARLSSON

Upgrade of the Spent Fuel Pool PSA for NPP Paks Motivated by the Change in Emergency Operating Procedures

Tamas SIKLOSSY (NUBIKI Nuclear Safety Research Institute, Hungary) Attila BAREITH, David HOLLO, Tamas JAVOR, Zoltan KARSA, Peter SIKLOSSY, Lajos TARCZAL

Simulated Human Error Probability and Its Application to Dynamic Human Failure Events

Ronald BORING (Idaho National Laboratory, United States) Sarah Herberger

Use of Minimum Bounds for Joint Human Error Probabilities in PRA

Mary PRESLEY (Electric Power Research Institute, United States) Kaydee KOHLHEPP, Jan GROBBELAAR, Gareth PARRY, Jeffrey JULIUS, Michael HIRT
T05-05 PSA Applications Ⅲ

Accident Sequence Precursor Analysis in Czech Republic

Frantisek STVAN (UJV Rez a.s., Czech Republic) Ladislav KOLAR

Use of Risk-informed Technique to Evaluate the Balance of Technical Specification

Xiang-fei ZHANG (Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co.,Ltd., China) Qiong-zhe LI, Qi TANG

Risk Informed Unavailability Management (introducing Balance Time Instead of AOT)

Tibor KISS (MVM Paks NPP Ltd., Hungary) Zoltan KARSA

Spatio-Temporal Socio-Technical Risk Analysis Methodology for Emergency Response

Ha BUI (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States) Justin PENCE, Zahra MOHAGHEGH, Ernie KEE
T03-05 SA-Accident Analysis and Modeling

Numerical Simulation of PHEBUS FPT-3 Experiment by Using COMPASS Code

Junho BAE (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Jongtae KIM, Rae-Joon PARK, Donggun SON, Dong Ha KIM, Jin Ho SONG, Jong Hwa PARK, Michael PODOWSKI

Development of a Fission Product Transport Module Predicting Aerosol Behavior in the RCS of a Nuclear Power Plant during Severe Accidents

Hyung Seok KANG (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, ) Bo Wook RHEE, Dong Ha KIM

Extended Loss of AC Power (ELAP) Analysis of Kuosheng BWR/6 Using MELCOR2.1/SNAP

Yu-Ting KU (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) Jong-Rong WANG, Shao-Wen CHEN, Wen-Sheng HSU, Sheng-shun WANG, Jing CHANG, Yu CHIANG, Chunkuan SHIH

MAAP5 Application to in-vessel Retention Analysis for Pressurized Light Water Reactors

Chan PAIK (Fauske & Associates, LLC, United States) Paul McMINN, Quan ZHOU

Water Injection Influence for Accident Progression in Fukushima Dai-ichi Unit1

Takeshi SAKAI (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., Japan) Tadashi FUJII, Koji NISHIDA
T02-05 Extreme External Events I

A Study of Screening Method for the Risk Significant Combinations among the External Hazards

Masayuki HIJIYA (Nuclear Engineering, Ltd., Japan) Yoshiyuki NARUMIYA, Haruhiro NOMURA, Takahiro NAKAYAMA, Nozomu HASHIMOTO, Yuusuke TERASAKI, Yutaka MAMIZUKA, Tomoya HIROSAWA, Satoshi SHINZAKI, Takahiro KURAMOTO

IRSN Methodology for the Selection of External Hazards Candidate to Probabilistic Analysis

Gabriel GEORGESCU (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France) Nadia RAHNI, Claire-Marie DULUC
Identification and Analysis of External Event Combinations for Hanhikivi 1 PRAJuho HELANDER (Fennovoima, Finland)

The Systematic Evaluation of Combining Extreme Hazards for Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant

Wei-Chang CHEN (Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan)

Non-seismic External Event Level 1 PSA for the WWER440 Type Reactors

Robert SPENLINGER (RELKO Ltd, Slovakia) Zoltan KOVACS

Extreme Event Analysis – A Benchmarking Study at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant to Examine Plant Robustness against the Impact of Extreme Events

Manorma KUMAR (Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden) Shahen POGHOSYAN, Sos SARGSYAN, Ola BACKSTROM, Anders OLSSON
T01-06 L2 and L3 PSA I

Comparison of Approximate Response Functions to Assess the Extent of Radiological Consequences after a Nuclear Accident

Ludivine PASCUCCI-CAHEN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France)

A Pilot Choice Experiment among French Nuclear Specialists to Measure the Intangible Value of Territories

Eloise LUCOTTE (Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute, France) Ludivine PASCUCCI-CAHEN, Pierre-Alexandre MAHIEU, Jeanne DACHARY-BERNARD, Jordan LOUVIERE, Bengt KRISTROM

Important Considerations in Selecting a Simulation End-time in Level 2 PSA Deterministic Analyses

Nathan SIU (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States) Donald HELTON, Shawn CAMPBELL, Keith COMPTON, Jing XING, James CORSON

The Development of Nordic Guidance in Level 3 PSA

Anders OLSSON (Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden) Andrew CALDWELL, Gunnar JOHANSON, Jan-erik HOLMBERG, Ilkka KARANTA, Karin FRITIOF
T08-03 Structural Reliability III

The OECD/NEA CODAP Project & Its Contribution to Plant Aging Management & Probabilistic Safety Assessment


A Field Data Based RAM Analysis and Classification of Intensive Management Items for the Korean Utility Helicopters

Jaehun PARK (Defense Agency of Technology and Quality, Korea, Republic of) Jaewon LEE, Soon-Huem PAIK

Probabilistic Seismic Risk Assessment of Lifeline Networks Using Cross-entropy-based Adaptive Importance Sampling

Byeong-Seong CHOI (Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of) Junho SONG, Seokho CHI

Seismic Fragility Analysis of an Asymmetrical Reinforced Concrete Building Considering Soil-structure Interaction Effect

Jun Won KANG (Hongik University, Korea, Republic of) Hyun-Kyu LIM, Ho-Seok CHI, Moon-Soo KIM

Systems Engineering Approach to Dynamic Probabilistic Safety Analysis Using GPGPU Parallel Computing

Jeremiah MBAZOR (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Torbol MARCO
T07-06 Human Reliability-VI (HRA Application 3)

Curtiss-Wright/Scientech Seismic HRA Insights and Lessons Learned from the Application of EPRI Report TR-1025294

Michael HIRT (Curtiss-Wright, United States) Kaydee KOHLHEPP, Jan GROBBELAAR, Jeffery JULIUS, Steven EIDE

Modeling Main Control Room Abandonment Due to Fire-induced Loss of Control in Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Pierre MACHERET (Jensen Hughes, United States) Erin COLLINS

Summary of Joint EPRI/NRC-RES Main Control Room Abandonment Research Project

Mary PRESLEY (Electric Power Reasearch Institue, United States) Ashley LINDEMAN, Susan COOPER, Jeffery JULIUS, Kaydee Kohlhepp GUNTER, Paul AMICO, Erin COLLINS, Stacey HENDRICKSON, John WREATHALL

Identification of Important Human Actions via a Combination of Probabilistic and Deterministic Analyses

Juntao HU (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China) Yongping QIU, Yucheng ZHUO, Jiandong HE

Alternative Human-machine Interfaces for Coping with Team Errors in the Digitalized Control Room of Nuclear Power Plants

SaKil KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Hyun Chul LEE
T05-06 PSA Applications Ⅳ

Development of Accident Scenarios for Shutdown Probabilistic Safety Assessment

Marko CEPIN (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Anton CAUSEVSKI

A Semi-supervised Self Organizing Map for Post-processing the Scenarios of an Integrated Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis

Francesco DI MAIO (Politecnico Di Milano, Italy) Enrico ZIO, Roberta ROSSETTI

Directions Towards Supporting Synergies between Design and Probabilistic Safety Assessment Activities: Illustration on a Fire Detection System Embedded in a Helicopter

Anthony LEGENDRE (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France) Agnes LANUSSE, Antoine RAUZY

PSA Application in the Diverse Actuation System Design

Wenhui ZHAN (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China) Binbin ZHANG

Safety Management of a Nuclear-based Hydrogen Generation System

Lixuan LU (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada) Hai TANG
T03-06 SA-UA

Influence of T-H Model’s Uncertainty on Natural Circulation

Yu YU (North China Electric Power University, China) Bin WANG, Yuan PENG, Zulong HAO, Zhangpeng GUO, Fenglei NIU, Zhichao HUANG, Xuefeng LV

Output Updating in Severe Accident Uncertainty Assessment; A Bayesian Framework

Mohammad POURGOL-MOHAMMAD (Sahand University of Technology, Iran, Islamic Republic of) Seyed Mohsen HOSEYNI

A Study of Developing a Plant Did Risk Monitor for Resilient Severe Accident Management

Hidekazu YOSHIKAWA (Symbio Community Forum, Japan) Takashi NAKAGAWA, Ming YANG, Hong XIA

Methodology for Crediting Severe Accident Management Guidance in Probabilistic Safety Assessment

Alexander TRIFANOV (Kinectrics, Inc., Canada) Sevana BEDROSSIAN, Ghulam KHAWAJA, Rob McLEAN, Eliseo CHAN, Derek MULLIN

Passive High-pressure Safety Injection of Hybrid-safety Injection Tank

Ho Joon YOON (Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates) Hyungook KANG, Bo Gyung KIM, Chong Un PYON
T02-06 Extreme External Events II

Frequency of Frazil Ice and Algae Threats to Ultimate Heat Sink for Hanhikivi-1 NPP

Ilkka MANNISTO (Fennovoima Oyj, Finland)

A Computational Scheme for Tornado Missile Strike Probability Using Stochastic Correlation between Local Wind Speed and Flight Distance

Yuzuru EGUCHI (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan) Takahiro MURAKAMI, Hiromaru HIRAKUCHI, Soichiro SUGIMOTO, Yasuo HATTORI, Keisuke NAKAO

An Analysis of the Hazards to a Nuclear Reactor from Meteors

Bert COMMANDEUR (Jacobsen Analytics, United Kingdom) Benjamin VESSEY

Analysing and Decreasing External Event Risks of Loviisa NPP

Kalle JANKALA (Fortum Power and Heat, Finland)