Daily Program

T01-01 Advanced Method in PSA I

Temporal Logic for System Safety Properties and Hazard Monitoring

Joseph Homer SALEH (Georgia Institute of Technology, United States)Francesca FAVARO)


How Form Aects Function: On the Possibility of Aggregating Risk Information

Peter MANSSON (Lund University, Sweden)) Henrik TEHLER

Bayesian Networks: An Original Approach Towards the Quantiffcation of the Resilience of a Society after a Large-scale Event

Eloise LUCOTTE (Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute, France)

PSA Technology Reminders and Challenges Revealed by the Great East Japan Earthquake: 2016 Update

Nathan SIU (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States)) Kevin COYNE, Keith COMPTON, Susan COOPER, Fernando FERRANTE, Donald HELTON, Don MARKSBERRY, Jing XING

A New Method to Detect Recovery Event Combinations in MCSs

Woo Sik JUNG (Sejong University, Korea, Republic of) Jeff RILEY
T04-01 Environmental Risk Assessment I

Improving the Assessment of Radioactive Contamination in Urban Environments: "Urban" Working Groups in the IAEA's Model Testing Programs

Kathleen THIESSEN (Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis, Inc., United States)

Comparison of the Consequences between Sheltering and Evacuation during Hypothetical Nuclear Emergency Situation

Sung-yeop KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Kwang-Il AHN, Sooyong PARK

Optimal Sensor Placement for Urban Heat Risk Response

Carl MALINGS (Carnegie Mellon University, United States) Matteo POZZI, Kelly KLIMA, Elie BOU-ZEID, Prathap RAMAMURTHY, Mario BERGES

Impacts of Emissions on the Envinronment within Fires in Buildings Occurrence in Slovakia

Katarina HOLLA (University of Zilina In Zilina, Slovakia) Maria HUDAKOVA, Jozef SVETLIK
T07-01 Human Reliability I (HRA Data)
Example Use of the SACADA Data to Inform HRAYung Hsien CHANG (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States) Carmen FRANKLIN, Laurence CRISCONE

A Framework to Estimate the Weighting of PSFs When Performing LPSD HRA

Ar Ryum KIM (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Jinkyun PARK, Jaewhan KIM, Poong Hyun SEONG

An Empirical Approach to the Relationship between Performance Shaping Factors and Operator Performances in Nuclear Power Plants

Jooyoung PARK (Chosun University, Korea, Republic of) Jonghyun KIM, Wondea JUNG, Jinkyun PARK, Sun Yeong CHOI, Yochan KIM, Inseok JANG

Developing an HRA Guide for Japanese Utilities Combining the NRC Narrative Approach with the EPRI HRA Calculator

Yukihiro KIRIMOTO (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan) Hiromichi MIURA, Akihiko NAGASAKA, Kunihide SASOU

When Human Error is Good: Applications of Benefcial Error Seeding

Ronald BORING (Idaho National Laboratory, United States) Roger LEW, Thomas ULRICH, Kateryna SAVCHENKO
T05-01 PSA Applications

Analysis on Failure of Feed-and-bleed Operation under TLOFW Accident with LOCA

Ho Joon YOON (Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research, United Arab Emirates) Bo Gyung KIM, Jaehyun HAM, Hyungook KANG

A Framework for Power Recovery Probability Quantification in Nuclear Power Plant Station Blackout Sequences

Min LEE (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) Hindolo GEORGE-WILLIAMS, Edoardo PATELLI

PRA Group Responsibilities and Challenges for a New Nuclear Power Plant in UAE: Barakah NPP

Abdullah AL YAFEI (Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, United Arab Emirates) Yu SHEN, Mohamed ABDULLA SABAAN, Parviz MOIENI, Jeffrey JULIUS, Chris CRAGG

Post-Fukushima Extension of the Safety Margins in NPPs: Modeling, Implementation and Insights from a PSA Perspective

Dusko KANCEV (NPP Goesgen-Daeniken, Switzerland) Jens-Uwe KLUEGEL, Stefan HEUSSEN, Thomas KOZLIK
T03-01 SA-SFP

MELCOR Analysis on Hydrogen Behaviors of Chinshan NPP Spent Fuel Pool

Yu-Ting KU (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) Jong-Rong WANG, Shao-Wen CHEN, Chunkuan SHIH, Wen-Sheng HSU, Jyh-Tong TENG, Yu CHIANG

A Study on Required Spray Flow Rate to Mitigate Damage of Spent Fuel Pool Resulting in Large Leak Using MAAP5 Code

Keohyoung LEE (Future & Challenge Technology Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic of) Kyungho NAM, Jungmin SHIN

Study on the Realistic Fission Product Release Estimation in the Severe Accident Analysis for the Spent Fuel Pool

Naoya KAMEI (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., Japan) Hiromasa CHITOSE, Ryusuke KIMURA, Kohei HISAMOCHI

MAAP Application to Shutdown PSA and SAMG Development, and Insights from Sample Calculations

Chan PAIK (Fauske & Associates, LLC, United States) Paul McMINN, Eugene VAN HEERDEN

A Realistic Assessment of ISLOCA in ABWR

Takeshi YAMADA (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., Japan) Akiko NISHIMURA
T02-01 Seismic PRA I

Use of the T-distribution to Construct Seismic Hazard Curves for Seismic Probabilistic Safety Assessments

Eric YEE (KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School, Korea, Republic of)

Reliability Enhancement of Seismic Risk Assessment of NPP as Risk Management Fundamentals -Development of a New Mathematical Framework for Uncertainty Analysis

Hitoshi MUTA (Tokyo City University, Japan) Ken MURAMATSU, Osamu FURUYA, Tomoaki UCHIYAMA, Akemi NISHIDA, Tsuyoshi TAKADA
Reliability Enhancement of Seismic Risk Assessment of NPP as Risk Management Fundamentals -Quantifying Epistemic Uncertainty in Fragility Assessment Using Expert Opinions and Sensitivity Analysis-Byunghyun CHOI (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan) Akemi NISHIDA, Tatsuya ITOI, Tsuyoshi TAKADA, Osamu FURUYA, Ken MURAMATSU, Hitoshi MUTA

Evaluation of the Increase in Risk from Seismic Events during Equipment Outages

Hiroto TAKASE (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD., Japan) Silvia GOMEZ, Naoki KAMIKAWA, Shinsuke NAKANO, Futoshi TANAKA

Seismic Assessment and Performance of Nonstructural Component Affected by Structural Modeling

Jieun HUR (The Ohio State University, United States) Halil SEZEN, Richard DENNING, Tunc ALDEMIR, Eric ALTHOFF
T01-02 Advanced Method in PSA II

Exploring Relations between Graph Metrics and Importance Measures in a PRA Sequences

Mohamed HIBTI (Electricite de France, France) Amine OUDJIT, Adrien MARECHA

Consolidated Approach to Identify Accident Sequences of a Loss of Coolant Accident in a PSA

Ho-Gon LIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Sang Hoon HAN, Jin Hee PARK

Software and Methodical Tools for Nuclear Plants Probabilistic Safety Analysis and Safety Monitoring in Russia

Igor BYLOV (JSC Afrikantov OKBM, Russian Federation) Lev ABRAMOV, Aleksander BAKHMETYEV, Andrey VASYUCHENKOV

Dynamic Level 1 PRA of Seismic-induced Internal Flooding in Nuclear Power Plant

Sunghyon JANG (The University of Tokyo, Korea, Republic of) Takahiro SUZUKI, Akira YAMAGUCHI

Dynamic and Interactive Approach to Level 2 PRA Using Continuous Markov Process with Monte Carlo Method

Akira YAMAGUCHI (The University of Tokyo, Japan) Sunghyon JANG, Takashi TAKATA
T04-02 Environmental Risk Assessment II

An Overview of Terrestrial Radioecological Parameters Used to Assess the Radiological Impact and Guide Remediation after a Severe Nuclear Accident

Brenda HOWARD (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, United Kingdom)

A Sensitivity Analysis of Modifed Input Parameters of Gasdos for a Representative Person Concept

Joeun LEE (Hanyang University, Korea, Republic of) Hoyoung SHIN, Wontae HWANG, Moosung JAE
Assessment of the Impact of Annual Variations in Meteorology on Individual and Population DosesDavid JOHNSON (ABS Consulting, Inc., United States) T. Edward FENSTERMACHER, Mark ABRAMS, Jeffrey BAUM
Inhalation Dose Assessment for Iodine Considering Particle Size DistributionMee JANG (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Kun Ho CHUNG, Won Young KIM, Mun Ja KANG
T07-02 Human Reliability II (Digital MCR)

Method for Analysing Operator Interactions with Computerized Interfaces and Their Impact on Process Safety

Johannes BECK (Gesellschaft Fur Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH, Germany) Werner FASSMANN, Benedikt PETERMEIER

Human Performance Observation and Data Collection in Digital Main Control Rooms of Nuclear Power Plants: A Case Study in China

Yongping QIU (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China) Peng LIU, Jiandong HE, Juntao HU, Zhizhong LI, Jiejuan TONG

Using Expert Judgments to Estimate the Multipliers of Performance Shaping Factors in Digital Main Control Rooms of Nuclear Power Plants

Peng LIU (Tianjin University, China) Yongping QIU, Juntao HU, Jiejuan TONG, Zhizhong LI

Methods and Measures for Characterizing Nuclear Power Plant Operator Performance to Support Control Room Modernization

Bruce HALLBERT (Idaho National Laboratory, United States) Ronald BORING, Jinkyun PARK, Wondea JUNG
T05-02 PSA Applications II

Challenges with Living PSA – PSA Applications – and PSA Results Presentation, Interpretation and Evaluation

Per HELLSTROM (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority - SSM, Sweden)

Risk-Informed Evaluation of Technical Specifications for Leibstadt NPP

Olivier NUSBAUMER (Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG , Switzerland) Sai Kumar BULUSU, Devi KOMPELLA

Availability Improvement of Standby Safety Component Based on Online Status Monitoring and Test Interval Adjustment

Sung Min SHIN (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Hyungook KANG, Wondea JUNG

Management of Single Point Vulnerabilities based on Failure Analyses and a Mitigation Strategy

Eunchan LEE (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., Central Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Jang Hwan NA
T03-02 SA-PRA2

An Integrated Accident Management Framework for Mitigating Beyond-Design-Basis External Events

Jaewhan KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Sooyong PARK, Kwang-Il AHN, Joon-Eon YANG

Computing Source Terms with Dynamic Containment Event Trees

Tero TYRVAINEN (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Finland) Teemu MATASNIEMI, Taneli SILVONEN

Development of the Electronic System for SAMG (Severe Accident Management Guidance)

Sunhee PARK (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Kwang-Il AHN, Youngho JIN

Severe Accident Risk Assessment for NPPs Software Tools and Methodologies for Level 2 PSA Development Available at IRSN

Guillaume KIOSEYIAN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France) Emmanuel RAIMOND, Nicolas DUFLOT, Vincent TANCHOUX, Nadia RAHNI, Bruno LAURENT, Yves GUIGUENO

Creep Rupture Probability Evaluation for RCS Components in Severe Accidents; an IDPSA Approach

Seyed Mohsen HOSEYNI (Islamic Azad University, Iran, Islamic Republic of) Kaveh KARIMI, Seyed Mojtaba HOSEYNI
T02-02 Seismic PRA II

Insights from Probabilistic Safety Assessment-based Seismic Margin Analysis of Westinghouse NPP in Korea

Jae Beol HONG (Future & Challenge Technology Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic of) Yong suk LEE, Gunhyo JUNG, Seokwon HWANG, Hojun JEON

Seismic PRA for Hamaoka NPP Unit 4 (Including Severe Accident Countermeasures)

Tomoki INOKUCHI (Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc, Japan) Hiroyasu TAKEYAMA, Yoshitaka TSUTSUMI, Yasuhiro IWAYA

Insights from Seismic System, Structure and Component Screening Approach

DongWon LEE (KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc., Korea, Republic of

Insights from a Seismic PRA of a Modern PWR Spent Fuel Pool

Paul AMICO (Jensen Hughes, United States) Inn Seock KIM, Dongwon LEE

Seismic Level 2 PSA

T01-03 Advanced Method in PSA III

Development of an Advanced Fault Tree Quantication Engine Based on BDD/ZBDD Algorithm

Guofeng TANG (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute, China) Qinfang ZHANG, Wei GAO

Current Status of Design Extension Conditions Technology Development for Prevention of Severe Accident in Nuclear Power Plants.

JaeHwa KOH (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., Central Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Sang Jun HA, Dong Hyuk LEE

Improvement of LOCA Core Damage Frequency Based on Best-estimated Thermal-hydraulics Analysis

Jaehyun CHO (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Jin Hee PARK, Dong-san KIM, Ho-Gon LIM

PyCATSHOO: Toward a New Platform Dedicated to Dynamic Reliability Assessments of Hybrid Systems

Hassane CHRAIBI (Electricite de France, France) Jean Christophe HOUDEBINE, Alain SIBLER

Systematic Reporting and Trending of Findings on SSC: Prerequisite for Enhancement of Safety Performance in NPPs

Dusko KANCEV (NPP Goesgen-Daeniken, Switzerland) Jens-Uwe KLUEGEL, Stefan HEUSSEN, Thomas KOZLIK

Integrated HRA Dependency Treatment in PSA

Xuhong HE (Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden) Ola BACKSTROM, Pavel KRCAL
T04-03 Radiological Impact Assessment

A New Risk Metric to Consider the Environmental Risk Caused by Nuclear Accident

Hongchun DING (Tsinghua University, China) Jiejuan TONG, Liguo ZHANG, Yongfu WANG

Deduction of Korean Level 3 PSA Issues and Preliminary Off-site Risk Analysis

YongJin LEE (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Korea, Republic of) Seungwoo LEE, Yong Suk LEE

Risk Analysis of Accident of Released Radioactive Material during Spent Fuel Cask Transportation Using Ocean Dispersion Model and Nodalization Method

Mirae YUN (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Republic of) Hyungook KANG

Important Model Parameters for Analyzing Activation Effects in Accident Scenarios for Heavy-ion Medical Accelerator Facility

Oyeon KUM (University of Southwest America, United States) Deokjung LEE
T07-03 Human Reliability III (HRA Application 1)

A French Experiment about CREAM

Veronique FAUCHILLE (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France) Audrey ROISIN

Testing the Internal at-Power Application of the IDHEAS HRA Method

Huafei LIAO (Sandia National Laboratories, United States) Dennis BLEY, Lawrence CRISCIONE, Stephanie MORROW, Gareth PARRY, Mary PRESLEY

The General Methodology of an Integrated Human Event Analysis System (IDHEAS) for Human Reliability Analysis Method Development

Yung Hsien CHANG (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States) Jing XING

Lessons Learned from HRA Results for FP and LPSD PRA with K-HRA Methodolgoy

Seong Kyu PARK (Atomic Creative Technology, Inc., Korea, Republic of) Seokwon HWANG

Advanced Thermal Hydraulic Simulations for Human Reliability Analysis

Karen DAWSON (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States) Valentin RYCHKOV, Michael GOLAY, Bastien BROCARD, Brittany GUYER
T05-03 PSA Applications - External Event I

Insight from Low Power Shutdown Fire PRA for Plant Under Construction Based on NUREG/CR-7114

Sunghyun KIM (KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc., Korea, Republic of) Dongkyu KIM, Sunghyun KIM

Improvement of Internal Flooding PSA Based on Plant-specic Conditions for Westinghouse PWRs in Korea

Hyung ho LEE (Future & Challenge Technology Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic of) Kang-min PARK, Yong Suk LEE, Seok-won HWANG, Hojun JEON

Improvement of the Component Fragility Evaluation Considering Dynamic non Linear Characteristics of Building on Seismic PRA

Hiroyuki YAMADA (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan) Katsumi EBISAWA, Kazuhiko KIKUCHI, Ryusuke HARAGUCHI

Improvement of Uncertainty Treatment of Sub-response Factor Related to In-put Seismic Motion on Fragility Evaluation of Seismic PRA

Katsumi EBISAWA (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan) Hiroyuki YAMADA, Kazuhiro KIKUCHI, Takeshi UGATA, Yoshinobu MIHARA, Kohei TANAKA, Tsuyoshi TAKADA, Ryusuke HARAGUCHI
T03-03 SA-CFVS Analysis

Comparative Study of Filtered Containment Vent System Application on PLWR and PHWR

Sooyong PARK (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Kwang-Il AHN

Efects of Design and Operating Parameters of Filtered Venting on Containment Depressurization and Fission Product Release

Jong Woon PARK (Dongguk University, Korea, Republic of) Wook-Cheol SEOL, Jisu KIM

Bayesian Optimization Analysis of Containment Venting Operation in a BWR Severe Accident

Xiaoyu ZHENG (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan) Jun ISHIKAWA, Tomoyuki SUGIYAMA, Yu MARUYAMA

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Hydraulic Behavior in a Containment Filtered Venting System

Gilbeom KANG (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., Central Research Institute, Korea, Republic of) Yu-Jung CHOI, Jaehwan PARK

MELCOR Analysis of LACE-ESPAÑA Experiments to Determine the Eciency of Pool Scrubbing Effect of CFVS

Seungwon SEO (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Korea, Republic of) Jungjae LEE, Yongjin CHO
T02-03 Seismic and Tsunami Fragility

Development of Structural Models of a Condensate Storage Tank in Nuclear Power Plants

Jieun HUR (The Ohio State University, United States) Jinsong FAN, Eric ALTHOFF, Halil SEZEN, Richard DENNING, Tunc ALDEMIR

Fragility Evaluation with Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty against Fault Displacement for Nuclear Power Plant Buildings

Yoshinori MIHARA (Kajima Corporation, Japan) Hirokazu TSUJI, Minoru KANECHIKA, Kenshiro ISHIKI

Aging Effects on Safety Margins of Passive Components in Seismic Events

Askin GULER (The Ohio State University, United States) Jieun HUR, Tunc ALDEMIR, Richard DENNING, Halil SEZEN

Tsunami Fragility Assessment Framework for Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants

Hideki KAIDA (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan) Naoto KIHARA, Yasuki OHTORI, Toshiaki SAKAI

Fragility Evaluation Method of Equipments in Building Structures due to Tsunami Inundation

Masaki IKEDA (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., Japan) Yuki NAITO, Akihiro OTSUKI, Yukihiro KIRIMOTO, Masafumi MATSUYAMA, Yasuki OOTORI, Tomoaki YOSHIDA