Final Program Click the image below to download the final progrma in PDF format (2.5 MB)

Speaker Information

Please sign the "Speaker Sign-in Form" at the registration desk. Please be sure to bring your presentation in MicroSoft PowerPoint format. Note that the total time available for presentations (other than the plenary) varies from 18 to 25 minutes based on the number of presentations in a session. We recommend that you allow 1 to 3 minutes for questions and discussion at the end of your talk. Be alert, responsive and respectful to other speakers when the Session Chair signals you that you’ve got 5 and 2 minutes remaining in your time slot. As a presenter you will be able to use your own laptop, although one will be provided in the session room, or bring a memory stick. It is your responsibility to check with the Session Chair for file compatibility prior to the start of your session. We recommend that you seek out and meet your Session Chair prior to the time of your presentation. Please meet the Session Chair at the presentation room 15 minutes before the session begins and provide a brief biography (name, organization 2-3 line description of current work assignment). Please check the signs and handouts for further information. Please contact any of the meeting organizers if you need help or have questions.

Session Chair Information

Please complete and return a "Session Chair Sign-in Form" to the Registration Desk the morning you are scheduled to Chair a Session(s). Please be present at your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. This will allow you to greet and coordinate media arrangement s with the speakers, as well as collect biographical sketches. For the sake of meeting attendees, PLEASE keep the session synchronized as shown in this final program. For "no shows" simply adjourn the session at the next allotted time slot (i.e., don’t shift papers to an earlier session to fill a void). You may find it helpful to bring your own laptop and upload the speakers’ presentations prior to your session. A laptop will be provided and set-up in each of the session rooms for the daily sessions.