General Chairman

Dr. Robert A. Bari
Department of Advanced Technology
Brookhaven National Laboratory
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000, USA
Telephone: 516-344-2629
Fax: 516-344-5266

Technical Program Chairman

Professor Ali Mosleh
Dept. of Materials and Nuclear Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-7531, USA
Telephone: 301-405-5215
Fax: 301-314-9601
Assistant General Chairmen: Joseph R. Fragola, SAIC, USA
Peter Kafka, GRS, Germany
Shunsuke Kondo, University of Tokyo, Japan
Finance Chairman: Anthony J. Romano, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
Publicity Chairman: Paul J. Amico, SAIC, USA
Publications Chairman: Robert E. Hall, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA

Technology Area Coordinators

Aviation (P.C. Cacciabue)
Chemical Process (M. Brown)
Defense (M. Brandyberry)
Environmental Systems (W. Kastenberg)
Information and Communication (S. Kazke)
Insurance (D. Karydas)
Land Transport/Highways (A. Mosleh)
Legal and Regulatory (A. Thadani)
Manufacturing (A. Christou)
Maritime (Z. Karaszewski)
Medical and Health (H. Stassen)
Nuclear (G. Parry, A. Poucet)
Security and Protection (A. Riviera)
Space (P. Rutlege, C. Preyssl)
Structures (B. Ayyub)

Technical Discipline Coordinators

General Areas (R. Mulvihill)

Basic Principles and Theory of Risk Analysis (I. Papazoglou)
Uncertainty Analysis (R. Cooke, J. Helton)
Expert Opinion Utilization (U. Pulkkinen)
Data Analysis Methods (J. Fragola, H. Martz)
Risk Assessment Computer Codes (C. Ancelin, B. Putney)
Risk Assessment Standards (K. Kiper)

Source Modeling (D. Bley)

Human Reliability (E. Hollnagel)
Systems Modeling (T. Aldemir)
Organizational Factors (E. Lois, P. Valstcom)
Environmental/External Causes (R. Budnitz)
Probabilistic Models of Physical Processes (N. Siu)
Dynamic Systems Risk and Reliability (J. Devooght)
Software Reliability and Safety (C. Smidts, J.C. Laprie)
Risk Model Integration and Quantification (K. Fleming, A. Camp)

Consequence Assessment (D. Harvey)

Health Effects and Safety (G. Kaiser)
Environmental Effects (M. Kazarians)
Economic, Social, and Political Effects (V.Brannigan)

Applications/Risk Management/Decision Making (A. Dykes, S. Guarro)

Insights and Lessons from Risk Studies (S. Hirschberg, J. Murphy)
Risk-Informed Decision Making/Risk Management (M. Van der Bors)
Risk Communication (D. Okrent)
Risk-Informed Design (M. Frank)
On-line Operation Support (M. Modarres, R. Lee)
Precursor Studies (V. Bier)
Waste Management (N. Eisenberg)


Arueti, S. Israel Lannoy France
Bianchi, S. France Lanore, J.M. France
Blackman, H. United States Lederman, L. Austria
Bonano, E.J. United States Leu, W.F. Taiwan
Bozarth, J. United States Marseguerra, M. Italy
Brooks, D.G. United States Matsuoka, T. Japan
Carlsson, L. Sweden Murphy, J.A. United States
Caron, J. France O'Kula, K.R. United States
Cassidy, K. United Kingdom Ortiz, N. United States
Chen, S.-S. Taiwan Orvis, D. United States
Cho, N.Z. Korea Park, C.K. Korea
Cojazzi, G. Italy Prassinos, P. United States
Cummings, G.E. United States Procaccia, H. France
Dahlgren, K. Sweden Pyatt, D.L. United States
De Gelder, P. Belgium Rasmuson, D. United States
Dougherty, E. United States Ravindra, M.K. United States
Dutuit, Y. France Ravishankar, T.J. Canada
Ferrante, M. Italy Schuller, J.C.H. Netherlands
Fischer, S.R. United States Shen, S.-H. United States
Frescura, G.M. France Shooman, M. United States
Fujita, Y. Japan Smith, S. United States
Furuta, K. Japan Spitzer, C. Germany
Gheorghe, A.V. Switzerland Spray, S.D. United States
Goossens, L.H.J. Netherlands Stamatelatos, M. United States
Greenfield, M.A. United States Svenson, O. Sweden
Haim, M. Israel Thompson, B. United Kingdom
Henneke, D.W. United States Vaurio, J. Finland
Hessel, P. Canada Versteeg, M.F. Netherlands
Ho, V. United States Vestrucci, I.P. Italy
Ho. T.-R. Taiwan Villadoniga, J. Spain
Hofer, E Germany Villian, B. France
Hollo, E. Hungary Virolainen, R.K. Finland
Hurst, N. United Kingdom Wieringa, P. Netherlands
Johanson, G. Sweden Wilson, D. Sweden
Johnson, D.H. United States Wingender, H.J. Germany
Kaufer, B. France Wittenberg, L. United States
Kelly, D.L. United States Wong, S.M. United States
Kim, I.S. Korea Xue, D. China
Kromp, W. Austria
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