Several tutorials on fundamental and current issues on risk assessment and management will be conducted on the Sunday before the Conference. The tutorials will be managed under the direct responsibility of each single organizer. The tutorials will be taug ht by practicing experts in the field. course lectures and titles are listed in the following.

The preliminary programmed tutorials are:

1. Human Factored Emergency Planning (A. Livingston, P. Crick)

2. Non-linear decision making in technological development (W. E. Kastenberg, M. Harper, A. Novidor, G. Hauser)

3. Risk management and decision making (R. Van Otterloo)

4. Risk assessment of Chemical processes (2 days tutorial) (I. A. Papazoglou, V. Fthenakis)

5. Regulatory issues for the process industries (M. Kazarians)

6. Structural reliability (G. I. Schiieller)

7. Software dependability and safety assessment (S. Guarro)

8. Introduction to level-2 PSA for NPP (E. Cazzoli)

9. Fire Risk Analysis: The state-of-the-art (D. M. Karydas)

Please refer to the Conference registration form to indicate your interest in the courses. The tutorials will be held only if a minimum number of participants will be granted.


Exhibits of software used for risk assessment and risk management will be organized.
For further information, please refer to:
ISRAEL '96 - PSAM III at the fax # +30 1 654 0926

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