Review and Grade Abstract

To review and grade the abstracts, all the TPC will be issued an logon account. The account logon information will be announced through email for TPC to access the online review and grade abstract system.

Instruction for Review and Grade the abstracts

1. Click the above Login Link

2. Click “Click here to review and grade abstracts”

3. In the Refereeing logon page, please enter the username and password provided above in the text fields “Email address” and “Password” respectively

4. Click the “Log in” button

5. To view a submission, please click the "View" button.

6. To view the details of each submission, please click the "Info" button

7. To review a submission, please click the "Grade" button.

8. There are six grades for each abstracts as follows:

l 5 - Excellent

l 4 - Good

l 3 - Average

l 2 - Poor

l 1 - Very poor

l 0 - Reject

9. If you have a conflict of interest, please click the checkbox “I have not graded this abstract because I have a conflict of interest”.

10. You may also fill in the suggestions to the author(s) in the text field “Suggestions to Author(s)”

11. Please click the “Submit” button when you finish grading.

You can return to this screen and change your grading at any time before the deadline. Should you have any enquiry about the online submission system and the procedures for grade and review abstracts, please do not hesitate to contact us.