Incorporating PSA into Ageing Management - Pre-Conference Workshop in Hungary

Title of the Workshop

A two-day workshop on Incorporating PSA into Ageing Management was organised in combination with the PSAM 7 – ESREL ’04 Conference in 2004.

Scope of the Workshop

The purpose of the workshop was to present and discuss methods and applications of specific topics associated with ageing management of safety related components, structures and systems of complex industrial plants. The meeting focussed on the use of probabilistic methods (PSA) for ageing management. It provided an opportunity to exchange experience with different modelling approaches and to discuss in detail the practical issues of their implementation.


Experts from regulatory bodies and their TSOs, utilities and NPPs, research institutions, design and engineering organizations participated. To ensure the effectiveness of knowledge and experience transfer during the workshop, experts actively involved both in PSA and ageing management were highly welcome.

Date and Venue of the Workshop

June 10-11, 2004; Budapest, Hungary


The Workshop was organized as a pre-conference meeting of the PSAM 7 – ESREL ’04 Conference and was organised by the VEIKI Institute for Electric Power Research in Budapest, Hungary.

Technical Coordinator: Elod Hollo
Director of Nuclear Engineering Division
Phone:  +36 1 4578252
Fax:     +36 1 4578253
E-mail: hollo@aed.veiki.hu

Eastern European Participation

Contacts: F. Niehaus (IAEA, AT) and L. Tomik (CENS, SK)

A strong effort was undertaken to encourage Eastern European Participation in order to promote a fruitful discussion and interaction between East and West.

Young Generation  

Contact: Roland Beutler, HSK

The Young Generation initiative seeks to enhance their involvement in the conference programme. It was designed to promote their active integration into the technical programme and in particular the presentation of lessons learned by them.


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