A. Aviation and Space

G. McIntyre, US & C. Preyssl, NL

B. Biotechnology and Food

O. Käppeli, CH
C. Chemical Processing

S. Duffield, IT

D. Civil Engineering Structures

G. Schueller, AT
E. Energy Supply and Distribution

S. Kondo, JP
F. Environment and Sustainable Development

R. Friedrich, DE
G. Information Technology and Telecommunications

J. Gorski, PL
H. Insurance and Finance

B. Gerstner, DE & D. Karydas, US
I. Legal and Regulatory

H. Seiler, CH
J. Manufacturing

Y. Sato, JP
K. Medical and Health

J. Wreathall, US
L. Security (defense, national, facility)

S.E. Magnusson, SE 
M. Transportation (land, maritime), Offshore Activities / Facilities

L. Bodsberg, NO & T. Matsuoka, JP 
N. Waste Management and Decommissioning

C. McCombie, CH & S. Mohanty (US)

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