Scope of the Conference

Following the first well-received joint conference in 1996, this Conference marked the second occasion of the joint meeting of two successful conference series which are held regularly. The International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM) returned to Europe and was organised jointly with the 2004 edition of the annual European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL).

The objective of the joint PSAM 7 – ESREL ´04 Conference was to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in methodology and application of probabilistic and reliability methods in various industries. Innovations in methodology as well as practical applications in the areas of probabilistic safety assessment and of reliability analysis were presented and discussed during the Conference. The aim of these applications is the optimisation of technological systems and processes from the perspective of a risk-informed safety management while also taking economic and environmental aspects into account. This joint Conference in particular aimed at the promotion and enhanced communication, the sharing of relevant experience and integration of approaches not only among the various industries but also on a truly global basis by bringing together leading experts from all over the world.

Nearly 600 papers in over 160 sessions were presented; the full papers are included in a six volume set of Conference Proceedings as well as on a CD published by Springer-Verlag London Ltd. Moreover, panel and roundtable discussions as well as plenary sessions given by invited speakers were held.

Each registered participant received a set of Proceedings and/or a CD at Registration. Additional copies may be purchased from Conference Organisation and also from Springer-Verlag London Ltd. (contact).

                            PSAM 7 – ESREL '04 was jointly organised by

International Association for Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management


European Safety and Reliability Association



Previous PSAM Conferences  
  • PSAM: Beverly Hills, USA, February 1991
    General und Technical Programme Chair: G. E. Apostolakis
  • PSAM II: San Diego, USA, March 1994
    General Chair: M. G. Stamatelatos, Technical Programme Chair: G. E. Apostolakis
  • PSAM III (in conjunction with ESREL '96): Crete, Greece, June 1996
    General Chair: I. A. Papazoglou, Technical Programme Chair: P. C. Cacciabue
  • PSAM 4: New York City, USA, September 1998
    General Chair: R. A. Bari, Technical Programme Chair: A. Mosleh
  • PSAM 5: Osaka, Japan, November 2000
    General Chair: S. Kondo, Technical Programme Co-Chairs: S. Kondo, K. Furuta
  • PSAM 6: Puerto Rico, USA, June 2002
    General Chair: E. J. Bonano, Technical Programme Chair: A. L. Camp
Previous ESREL Conferences
    • ESREL '90: Brest, France

ESREL '97: Lisbon, Portugal

    • ESREL '91: London, UK

ESREL '98: Trondheim, Norway

    • ESREL '92: Copenhagen, Denmark

ESREL '99: Munich, Germany

    • ESREL '93: Munich, Germany

ESREL '00: Edinburgh, UK

    • ESREL '94: La Baule, France

ESREL '01: Turin, Italy

    • ESREL '95: Bournemouth, UK

ESREL '02: Lyons, France

    • ESREL '96 (in conjunction with PSAM III):
                       Crete, Greece
ESREL '03: Maastricht, The Netherlands