Technical Program
Monday, November 27
Soft computing for reliability: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Simulation
T. Aldemir (The Ohio State University)
R. Goertz (Bundesamtes fur Strahlenschutz)

Monday (11/27) 10:45 - 12:15
Evaluation of Failure Dependency through Simulation Studies
F. Hsu (Science Applications International Corp.), M.A. Azarm (Brookhaven National Laboratory) [Hsu]
A Comparison of DSD with a Neural Net Model to State/Parameter Estimation Directly by Neural Nets
T. Aldemir , M. Gadioli (The Ohio State University), M. Marseguerra, E. Zio (Politecnico di Milano) [Aldemir]
Probabilistic Evaluation of Failure Events with Artificial Neural Networks
T. Oehmgen (PreussenElektra Kernkraft GmbH) [Oehmgen]

Accident Management
J. Ha (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
C. Spitzer (TUV Energy and Systems Technology)

Monday (11/27) 10:45 - 12:15
Development of TRAIN for Accident Management
M. Jae (Hansung University), J. Ha, Y.H. Jin (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) [Jae]
Evaluation of BDB Accident Management in PSA for Recent German 1300 MW PWRs (Konvoi)
H. Fabian, G. Friedel, J. Wenzel (Siemens AG/KWU) [Fabian]
Response Strategy and Hierarchy of Wolsong 2, 3, and 4 Nuclear Power Plant Abnormal Operating Manuals
H.S. Shapiro, R.K. Jaitly (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited), G.W. Lee (Korea Power Engineering Company Inc.), H.C. Ryu (Korea Electric Power Corporation) [Andres]

Human Behavior
T. Sawaragi (Kyoto University)
P.C. Cacciabue (JRC, EC)

Monday (11/27) 10:45 - 12:15
Bayesian Network Modeling of Operator's State Recognition Process
N. Hatakeyama, K. Furuta (University of Tokyo) [Hatakeyama]
Analysis of Organizational Behaviors of Multi-Tasking Decision Making under Time Pressure
T. Sawaragi, K. Murasawa (Kyoto University) [Sawaragi]
Development of a Task Difficulty Measure for Emergency Operating Procedures using Entropy Concepts
J.K. Park, W.D. Jung, J.W. Kim, J.J. Ha (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) [Park]

Comparative Risk Assessment of Electricity Generating Systems
D.H. Johnson (EQE International, Inc.)
W. Krewitt (University of Stuttgart)

Monday (11/27) 10:45 - 12:15
Comparative Risk Assessment of Energy Sources Used for Electricity Production in Greece
I.G. Kollas (NCSR "Demokritos"), S. Mirasgedis, D. Diakoulaki, M.A. Mimikou (National Technical University of Athens) [Kollas]
Comparison of Public Health Risks from Routine Operation of Energy Systems
A. Rabl (Ecole des Mines), J.V. Spadaro (IAEA) [Spadaro]
Public Health Risks of Nuclear and Fossil Power Plants in Japan
T. Taniguchi (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry), A. Omoto (Tokyo Electric Power Company) [Taniguchi]
Comparison of Fire Risk Assessment Approaches in the Offshore and Nuclear Industries
P.J. Rew, N.R. Popat, G. Burke (WS Atkins Consultants Ltd.) [Rew]

Process Modeling and Methodology 1
E.S. Yoon (Seoul National Univ.)
Y. Sato (Tokyo Univ. of Mercantile Marine)

Monday (11/27) 10:45 - 12:15
A New Strategy for the Development of Consequence Estimation Technique in Chemical Processes
K.H. Kim, D. Shin, S.Y. Eo, E.S. Yoon (Seoul National University) [Kim]
Domino Effects, Safety Distances and Siting Chemical Process Installations
J.G. Post (RIVM), G.W.M. Tiemessen (AVIV), A.J.C.M. Matthijsen (RIVM), L.J. Vijgen (DCMR), P.H. Bottelberghs (Ministry of Public Health) [Post]
Analysis of a Process Plant System with Sequential Failure Logic
Y. Shibata (OLYMPUS Optical Co, Ltd.), K. Tsuboi, Y. Sato (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine) [Shibata]
Building of Reliability Database for Chemical Plants in Korea
J.H. Kim, D.S. Yim, C.K. Lee, S.J. Kang (Korea Occupational Safety Health Agency) [Kim]

Research Programs on Nuclear Facilities
E. Hollo (VEIKI)

Monday (11/27) 10:45 - 12:15
Nordic Research Project on Nuclear Reactor Safety, NKS/SOS-2
K. Simola (VTT Automation) [Simola]
Reviewing the Impact of Organisational Factors on Nuclear Power Plants Safety: A Spanish Research Initiative
R. Sola, M.I. Garces, C. Vaquero (CIEMAT), F. Sendino, C. De La Cal (UNESA), J.I. Villadoniga (CSN) [Villadoniga]
Selection of Accident Sequences for the New Design of ITER
T. Pinna (ENEA), R. Caporali (ANPA), L. Burgazzi (ENEA) [Pinna]

Safety Monitoring System
M. Horigome (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine)
Y. Dutuit (Bordeaux-1 Universite)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
Availability and Failure Frequency of 3-level Safety-Surveillance Systems
T.L. Zhang, Y. Sato, H.H. Ye, M. Horigome (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine) [Zhang]
Reliability of Protection Systems to Counteract a Dangerous Situation
J. Zurek (Air Force Institute of Technology), T. Niezgoda, M. Wieczorek (Military University of Technology) [Zurek]
Heterogeneous Sensors System Design for Prevention of Model-Induced Failures
K. Tanaka, M. Ito (University of Electro-Communications), W. Iguchi (Hitachi, Ltd.) [Tanaka]
Safety Monitoring Based on Global System State Equations
T. Kohda, M. Yoshida, K. Inoue (Kyoto University) [Kohda]

Risk Management Application 1
M.D. Christou (Joint Research Centre, EC)
M. Kai(Oita University of Nursing and Health Science)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
Health Risk Assessment and Management: Some Directions of R & D and Practical Use in Russia
V.F. Demin (RRC "Kurchatov Institute") [Demin]
The Application of Numerical Risk Assessment to Land Use Planning Controls in the UK
D.A. Carter, I.L. Hirst, S.R. Porter, R.M. Turner (Health & Safety Executive) [Carter]
Advanced Programmatic Risk Analysis for Programs of Dependent Projects Involving Critical Systems and Unmanned Space Mission Illustration
M.E. Pate-Cornell (Stanford University), R.L. Dillon (Virginia Tech) [Pate-Cornell]
A Risk-based Approach to Achieving Good Safety Performance in the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail
D.J. Harris (ERM Four Elements) [Harris]

Uncertainty 1
F. Campolongo (JRC, EC)
I. Papazoglou (NCSR Demokritos)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis on Probabilistic Safety Assessment of an Experimental Facility
L. Burgazzi (ENEA) [Burgazzi]
Spent Fuel Performance Assessment for a Repository System Located in a Salt Dome
K.-H. Martens, H. Fischer, E. Hofer, B. Krzykacz (Gesellschaft fur Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS)) [Martens]
Sensitivity Analysis for the Correlation of Uncertainty in the Railway PSA
H. Fukuoka (Railway Technical Research Institute) [Fukuoka]
The Role of Sensitivity Analysis in Financial Modeling
F. Campolongo, A. Rossi, A. Saltelli (Joint Research Center, European Commission) [Campolongo]

Simulator Study and Data Collection on Human Factors 1
G. Baumont (IPSN)
P. C. Cacciabue (JRC, EC)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
RECUPERARE a Model of Event Including Human Reliability in Nuclear Plants
G. Baumont, N. Matahri, J.L. Roy (IPSN) [Matahri]
Error Rates in Modern Technological Systems
R.B. Duffey (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited), J.W. Saull (International Federation of Airworthiness) [Duffey]
Simulator-based Experimental Studies of Human Behavior in Unexpected Situations: A Methodology Development and Case Study
K. Takahashi, K. Monta (Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation), Y. Fujita (Technova, Inc.), Y. Horibe (Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.) [Fujita]

External Cost Assessment of Electricity Generating Systems
S. Hirschberg (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Taketoshi Taniguchi (CRIEPI)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
On a Quantitative Definition of "Green"
D.H. Johnson (EQE International, Inc.), T.U. Marston (EPRI), M.L. Xing (EQE International, Inc.) [Johnson]
Health, Environmental Risks and Externalities of Nuclear and Other Energy Systems of Russia
A.P. Vasiliev (ICES, Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia), V.F. Demin (RRC "Kurchatov Institute") [Vasiliev]
Use of External Cost Assessment and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Comparative Evaluation of Options for Electricity Supply
S. Hirschberg , R. Dones, U. Gantner (Paul Scherrer Institut) [Hirschberg]
External Costs of Electricity Generation
W. Krewitt (University of Stuttgart) [Krewitt]

Process Modeling and Methodology 2
P.M. Heino (VTT Automation)
E. O'shima (The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
The New Methodology of Quantitative Process Hazard Analysis -HAZchart-
M. Nakagawa, A. Ueda, T. Shirao (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.), Y. Kawasaki (Mitsubishi Research Institute) [Nakagawa]
Fluid Property Reasoning for Automated HAZOP
P.M. Heino (VTT Automation) [Heino]
Establishment of GIS- based Integrated Risk Management System (IRMS)
H.M. Kwon, C.K. Lee (Chemical Plant Safety of KOSHA), S.J. Kang (Technology Department of KOSHA), M.W. Pyeon (SDK Special Data Korea), I.Moon (Yonsei University) [Kwon]

Safety Improvements of Nuclear Systems
K. Simola (VTT Automation)
M. Jae (Hansung University)

Monday (11/27) 13:30 - 15:00
Use of PSA in Pursuit of Safety Improvement at the Paks NPP - Latest Results and Insights
A. Bareith, E. Hollo (VEIKI Institute Electric Power Research), J. Elter (Paks Nuclear Power Plant) [Hollo]
Role of PSA in the Reconstruction of the J. Bohunice V1 NPP
I. Pnacek (J. Bohunice NPP), Z. Kovacs (RELKO Ltd.) [Nano]
Advantages for EDF of Using and Updating PSAs for the Probabilistic Analysis of Accident Scenarios in Nuclear Power Plants
G. Feuillade (EDF) [Feuillade]

Risk Management Application 2
S.H. Shen (Virginia Power)
Y. Narumiya (Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc.)

Monday (11/27) 15:30 - 17:00
A Pilot Study on Risk-Informed In-Service Inspection
J. Mononen, I. Niemela, R. Virolainen, R. Rantala, A. Julin, O. Valkeajarvi, J. Hinttala (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)) [Julin]
A Study of Balance of Plant System Component Importance with Respect to Plant Megawatt-hour Loss
W.T. Loh (EQE International, Inc.), T. Kuramoto, M. Kimura, S. Kotani (Nuclear Engineering, Ltd.), [Loh]
Risk Informed Inservice Inspection Evaluation of the COM ED Nuclear Plants
K.N. Fleming (ERIN Engineering and Research, Inc.), J.J. Hutchinson (Commonwealth Edison Co.) [Fleming]
ASSURANCE: Assessment of Uncertainties in Risk Analysis of Chemical Establishments
M.D. Christou (EC, Joint Research Centre), K. Lauridsen (Riso National Laboratory), A. Amendola (EC, Joint Research Centre), F. Markert, I. Kozine, (Riso National Laboratory) [Christou]

Uncertainty 2
M. McKay (LANL)

Monday (11/27) 15:30 - 17:00
Treating Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainties in Analyses of Pressurized Thermal Shock
N. Siu, S. Malik, D. Bessette, H. Woods (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission), A. Mosleh, M. Modarres (University of Maryland) [Siu]
Generalizing Markov Chains to Imprecise Probabilities
I.O. Kozine (Riso National Laboratory), L.V. Utkin (Forest Technical Academy) [Kozine]
Methodology for the Treatment of Model Uncertainty
E.L. Droguett (Federal University of Bahina), A. Mosleh (University of Maryland) [Droguett]
Uncertainty Importance for Computer Models with Many Input Varables
M.D. MaKay, T.L. Graves, L.M. Moore, V.A. Thomas (Los Alamos National Laboratory) [MaKay]

Simulator Study and Data Collection on Human Factors 2
J. R. Taylor (Taylor Associates ApS)
Y. Fujita (Technova)

Monday (11/27) 15:30 - 17:00
The AEA Human Error Probability Data Collection
J. R. Taylor (Taylor Associates) [Taylor]
NPP Dukovany Simulator Data Collection Project
J. Holy (Nuclear Research Institute Rez) [Holy]
A Study on Human Reliability in Coping with Transients Using Research Simulator
H. Okumoto, M. Murata, K. Takahasi, K. Monta (Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation), T. Komatsubara, O. Watanabe (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) [Okumoto]

Security Management of Deregulated Electric Power Systems
M. Mochizuki (EPRI)
K. Kunitomi (Tokyo Electric Power Co.)

Monday (11/27) 15:30 - 17:00
New Reliability Concept of Electric Power System under Competitive Circumstance
J. Toyoda, T. Noda (Hachinohe Institute of Technology) [Toyoda]
Reliability Evaluation of Large-scale Power Systems by Nonlinear Programming
M. Yasuda, H. Saito, K. Ogimoto (Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.), H. Azuma, T. Saishoji, S. Fukutome (The Kaihatsu Computing Service Center Ltd.), L. Chen (Osaka Sangyo University) [Fukutome]
An Optimal Transmission Network Configuration Through Voltage Stability Index
K. Nara, Y. Mishima, T. Takeyama (Ibaraki University), Y. Tada, A. Kurita (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) [Mishima]
Evaluation Method of Electrical Power Congestion Possibility in Open Market System
K. Nara (Ibaraki University), Y. Hayashi (Fukui University), C. Takahashi, T. Shirasaki, H. Sato (Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc) [Nara]

Risk Based Design of Process Systems
Yuji Naka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
H.E. Abdel Gabbar (Okayama Univ.)

Monday (11/27) 15:30 - 17:00
Object Oriented Modeling for Process Plant Lifecycle
H.E. Abdel Gabbar, K. Suzuki, Y. Shimada (Okayama University) [Abdel Gabbar]
Evaluation of Safety Integrity Levels for Safety-Related Control and Protection
Y. Tanabe, M. Yamashita (Toshiba Corporation), K. Ohrui (Toshiba Advanced System Corporation), K. Tsuboi, Y. Sato (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine) [Tanabe]
Safety Integrity of SRSs with Common Components
M. Yamashita, Y. Tanabe (Toshiba Corporation), K. Ohrui (Toshiba Advanced System Corporation), Y. Sato (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine) [Yamashita]
Safety Design of Oil Reclamation System Using IEC61508
H. Muta, H. Ibe, E. Sugiyama (Toshiba Corporation) [Muta]

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Proliferation Resistance
I. Nojiri(JNC)
T. Suzuki(University of Tokyo)

Monday (11/27) 15:30 - 17:00
Release Tree Application to Plutonium Conversion Process of a Model Nuclear Reprocessing Plant
I. Nojiri, I. Tanaka (Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute), T. Egashira (Mitsubishi Material Corporation) [Nojiri]
Reliability Evaluation for Negative Pressure Control System
Y. Ishikawa, S. Abe, T. Ito, I. Tanaka (Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute), I. Tezuka (Toyo Engineering Corporation) [Ito]
Criteria for Proliferation Resistance of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options
E. Kiriyama, S. Pickett, T. Suzuki (University of Tokyo) [Kiriyama]
Proliferation Resistance and Energy Security Advantages of a Thorium-Uranium Dioxide Once-Through Fuel Cycle for Light Water Reactors
J. Kang (Princeton University), T. Suzuki (The University of Tokyo) [Suzuki]