Scope of the Conference
The purpose of the Conference is to provide a forum for presentation of innovative methods and relevant applications of system-based approaches to improve design and operation of technological systems and processes from the economic and safety points of view.
Important Dates
  • Call for Papers
June, 1999
  • Deadline for Submission of Abstracts
November 30, 1999
  • Notification to Authors
January 31, 2000
  • Deadline for Submission of Full Papers
June 30, 2000
  • Conference
November 27 - December 1, 2000
Conference language is English. Simultaneous translation will not be provided.
Previous PSAM Conferences
PSAM 1, Beverly Hills, USA, February, 1991
G.E. Apostolakis, General & Technical Program Chair

PSAM 2, San Diego, USA, March, 1994
M. G. Stamatelatos, General Chair
G. E. Apostolakis, Technical Program Chair

PSAM 3, Crete, Greece, June, 1996
I. A. Papazoglou, General Chair
P. C. Cacciabue, Technical Program Chair

PSAM 4, New York, USA, September, 1998
R. A. Bari, General Chair
A. Mosleh, Technical Program Chair