Special Sessions

SS 3. External Hazards PSA: Status and Insights
Date Oct. 5 (Wed)
Time 13:00-15:20
Venue Vista Hall (B2)
Organizers Gabriel GEORGESCU (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France)
Minkyu KIM (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute , Korea, Republic of)
Safety authorities in most countries include seismic and flooding risk, and, to some level, some other specific external hazards in national PSA practices and safety regulations. However the current role of external hazards PSA in the regulatory or industry practices varies from country to countries.
Fukushima accident, as well as other worldwide operating experience shows that external hazards are a threat for the safety of nuclear installations. Notably, they have the potential to cause initiating events and simultaneously to impair the safety systems necessary to limit the subsequent consequences on the installation. Some of these events leaded to design and organizational improvements (as for example, resulting from the “stress tests analyses” performed after the Fukushima accident).
Even the issue of extending the scope of PSA to external hazards was already identified, after Fukushima accident which raised many questions on actual practices, it becomes one of the most important subjects for the nuclear safety international community.
The special session will be centered on actual international efforts to extend the scope of PSA to external hazards.
The special session speakers will be representatives of the worldwide PSA community (regulatory, industry, international working groups). International recognized experts will present and discus theirs ideas regarding the actual status of and challenges to analyze the external events risks in a probabilistic manner. The OCDE/NEA working groups on risk (WGRISK) and external events (WGEV) will present theirs activities related to the development of external hazards PSA. Also the European project ASMPSA-E overview will be presented. Finally, representative of nuclear industry will present their perspective regarding the development of external hazards PSA. The discussions will be focused on the actual status and future expectations regarding the development of external hazards PSA programs on different countries and international organizations or working groups. The technical challenges, mainly related to data, like hazards screening (including the combinations of hazards), hazards characterization (frequency, intensity…) and methods, like human reliability assessment, long term scenarios assessment, site level accidents… will be also subject of exchanges between the session participants.
External Hazards PSA? Some Personal Perspectives Nathan SIU (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States)
Overview of External PSA research in Japan Yasuki OHTORI (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan)
ASAMPSA_E Emmanuel RAIMOND (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, France)
Overview of WGRISK Activities Related to External Events PSA Attila BEREITH (NUBIKI Nuclear Safety Research Institute, Hungary)
External Event Screening Approach to Identify Relevant Design Extension Hazards for NPP Heiko KOLLASKO (AREVA GmbH, Germany)
Overview of the Activities of the Nuclear Energy Agency Working Group on External Events Curtis SMITH (Idaho National Laboratory, United States)

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